Blueprint For An Identity: The Bud Logo Refresh

Tom Smolarek
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29 January, 2020
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What’s The Value In A Logo?

It’s a key question most business owners or brand managers have to approach in building a business. Often, it’s the first interaction point with a brand or co-occurs with the first interaction. It gives the potential customer a first insight into the mission and personality of a brand.

There’s a level of mental fit that coincides with a logo interaction, because on first glance, most products are fairly fungible; meaning the value of a good or service is fairly interchangeable with its competitors.

Afterall, how many of us can genuinely tell the difference between a Pepsi and Coke on taste? This, along with the long established emotional aspect to most purchasing decisions makes it vitally important to differentiate and establish a connection in the logo interaction.

So how do we build perceived value in a connection and communicate that there’s real value in exploring the actual product? At Bud we’re a growth marketing agency in a market where few have heard of the concept and fewer still can effectively communicate any rational difference with traditional marketing.

It’s the type of problem where strong mission, values and quality are needed to cut through.

Alternate Bud logo representations.

Aligning With The Visual Storytelling

So we found ourselves in a position with our site launch fast approaching with a brand, product and mission that had rapidly evolved since launch. We had a story to tell and an amazing service, but with a logo that no longer aligned with our direction.

That’s where we brought in DrawHistory.

Their designs built alignment with the Bud brand story. We believe every business owner is on their unique growth journey, with unique challenges. Digital is often a strong growth pathway for many businesses, our message is to let them know with an experienced digital partner that sees the bigger picture they can reach their summit.

A great story is about more than the words though, there’s a bigger storytelling flow with motifs of ‘growth,’ ‘the journey’ and symbols of flags, pathways, greenery, gentle gradient transitions and bright colours throughout the story.

Bud after-all is a happy brand, the challenge we facilitate solutions to can be daunting and complex one to the customer, but it should also be an aspirational journey to build a business from humble beginnings into something great.

Our new primary logo.

A New Identity For Our Growth Journey Ahead

What we move forward with now is a visual identity and a supporting mission to ‘grow business better.’

It’s a motto that guides all the decisions we make and defines our purpose, and it starts and ends with a logo. Bright, aspirational and reaching for the sky. Much like our team.

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